Disinfecting & Sanitizing

1 minute, 58 seconds

Differentiate between disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning, the importance of dwell time and where to find touch points or hot spots that must be cleaned.

Bloodborne Pathogens

3 minutes, 25 seconds

Learn what Blood borne pathogens are, examples of BBP, how they are spread and universal precautions such as always wear gloves, clean and disinfect immediately and report all exposures immediately.

Hand Washing

4 minutes, 43 seconds

Hand washing is extremely import to stop the spread of germs.  This course includes why you should wash, proper procedure for washing, the role of hand sanitizers, hand hygiene dispensers and more. 

Restroom Cleaning

3 minutes, 39 seconds

Learn the steps in order to properly clean a restroom. Steps include, high dusting, mopping floors, glass cleaning, sweeping floors, trash removal and others.

Microfiber Use

3 minutes, 17 seconds

Understanding of why to use microfiber, how to use properly, how to clean after use and color coding program suggestions.

Maintaining Floor Equipment

 9 minutes, 5 seconds

Protect your investment! Maintenance tips for vacuums, scrubbers, carpet extractors, buffers, burnishers & batteries.  Click here to learn what your true costs are when it relates to equipment repairs.   

Hard Floor Care

12 minutes, 28 seconds

Learn how to properly dust mop, wet mop, use an auto scrubber, high speed burnish, restore floors with finish, top scrub & re-coat, complete strip and wax.

Complete Strip Out, Seal & Finish of a Floor

5 minutes, 8 seconds

Stripping and refinishing floors is a labor intensive process and can be expensive if not done correctly.  This course covers supplies needed, safety equipment, step by step process, proper procedures and more.

Carpet Care

3 minutes, 52 seconds

Covers carpet care basics such as the difference between a spot and stain, proper vacuuming procedure, carpet spot treatment, gum removal and carpet extraction.

Floor Pads 101

5 minutes, 59 seconds

Explore the uses of differently colored floor pads, when to use which pad, how to care for and maintain your pads, and common mistakes.

How to Work a Section, Office or Classroom

4 minutes, 27 seconds

Discover the proper procedures for cleaning a section, room or office such as emptying trash, high dusting, cleaning glass, and wet mopping floors.

Customer Interaction

3 minutes, 46 seconds

Showing customers, visitors, residence, students and others how important they are by acting efficiently and politely to their needs. Examples are smiling, be respectful, say thank you, be professional, explain the process, be reliable and others.

Advanced Awareness

8 minutes, 54 seconds

People are our most important asset and can be our biggest challenge. This course covers how we communicate, listen, interact, resolve conflict and have conversations. Learn about DISC profile, Transnational Analysis, softening statements, PAIN, and more. 

Linen Laundry Management

7 minutes, 38 seconds

This courses covers the essentials of a solid laundry program. Topics include proper pretreatment, spotters, reclaim, sorting, loading, chemical handling, safety, personal protective equipment, drying and blood borne pathogens. 


14 minutes, 16 seconds

This course covers safety in the workplace with topics including hazmat waste,  spills, cleanup,  reporting incidents, safety data sheets, slips & falls,  bloodborne pathogens and more.

3M Twist n' Fill Chemical Management System

6 minutes, 22 seconds

Learn how to use the Twist n’ Fill system to make your job easier, safer, and faster. Explore "do's and don'ts", understanding of safety data sheets, and learn the importance of bottle-labeling.  

Spartan Clean On The Go Chemical Management System

4 minutes, 13 seconds

Understand how to install and operate a Clean on the Go dispenser. Explore "do's and don'ts", understanding of safety data sheets, and learn the importance of bottle-labeling.