"We have seen an up-tick in performance, efficacy and safety with these training modules in place. This has been a quick and easy way to step back and focus, even for a few minutes, on how and why we do what we do. It's an investment in our most valuable resource; our employees."

Barry Schnoor

Director, Physical Plant



"Our custodians are much more confident heading into their work environment after spending time on these training modules. They know the expectations they are to meet when stepping into a fast paced school environment. These modules have been a quick and efficient way for our new custodians to understand expectations and seasoned custodians to get a refresher on current expectations within our division. We aim to lower turnover rate within our division, and properly training our custodial staff helps meet this need greatly. Investing in your future, means investing in your employees."

Chris Matthias

Operations Coordinator 


"We struggled to train our staff for years. This program assisted us train staff and allowed us to continue to focus on what we do best. We needed a program like this for a long time. Well worth the limited investment."

 John Brewer

Assistant Director of Facilities